Revolutionary simplicity: Hero embodies the idea that lighting should virtually disappear into the architecture.

Hero is a completely new concept of adjustable light – the first luminaire that can point light in any direction without moving the fixture itself. Hero is installed in a fixed position. Users control the direction of light with a built-in joystick without tilting or swiveling the luminaire. The sleek luminaire and its glare cut-off remain perfectly still. Hero can be installed into the tightest spaces and remain aligned to the architecture, while placing perfect light where needed without unnecessary glare.


Hero is constructed with a thoughtfully clean design. The rectangular model is architectural in nature, with strong lines that make rows of luminaires feel continuous and integrate with other structural elements. The rounded model has a friendly personality appropriate for more personal spaces. Hero is available in standard white, silver, and black, so there is an appropriate color for every space.


Conventional gimbaled track lights


Hero with Light Shift™ optics




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