Light Shift™

Light Shift™ Technology: The power to adjust the direction of light with a luminaire remaining perfectly still

Hero is powered by innovative Light Shift technology. Moving the joystick slides precision optics to adjust beam direction without tilting any components. Hero remains still and harmoniously aligned to the architecture, not needing extra space to tilt or swivel, never casting harsh glare onto neighboring luminaires or up into your eyes.

Perfect, glare-free light wherever you direct it

Hero features inward pointing LEDs, adaptive baffle, and advanced materials that make it one of the most inherently glare-free directional luminaires ever conceived. Beam shape and power are consistent in every setting. The advanced light engine delivers superb color rendering with an astonishing color uniformity of 1 point across the centered beam.


Hero’s elegant joystick is the most intuitive luminaire adjustment imaginable – you simply point it where you want light to go. Cool to the touch, Hero is comfortably adjusted while in operation. A single screw accessible from the front securely locks adjustment.


Hero opens up new opportunities in design. Install Hero into tight spaces no other adjustable luminaire can go. Align Hero to the architecture for a clean and harmonious installation. Incline Hero towards the walls and it can illuminate anything from straight below to the ceiling while its light-emitting face remains invisible to anyone in the space. Reimagine what is possible in directional lighting with Hero.

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